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2016 Top Ten

Last night during Deacon’s Meeting, one of our Deacons reminded us that we need to take time to be thankful for the way God’s grace was evident in our lives over the past year. When we reflect on such things, we become confident in our hope for the year to come. While I could certainly write a list of disappointments…

CBF Fellows: The Beginning

I dreamed of being a member of the CBF Fellows Program from the day the initial cohort formed. As the first ended and the second began, I watched in awe of the way friendships developed and learning led to confidence, joy, and clarity in calling. I desperately wanted to experience such mentorship, community, and growth as I began my ministry at Broadway, but I knew it would be nearly two years before the dream would even be a possible reality.

A week ago, I stood in the third floor Sunday School room at First Baptist Decatur. I looked around the room in the faces of my new friends, and I saw a dream making its way to reality in the eyes and hearts of the 15 other “young” ministers surrounding me.