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CBF Fellows: The Beginning

I dreamed of being a member of the CBF Fellows Program from the day the initial cohort formed. As the first ended and the second began, I watched in awe of the way friendships developed and learning led to confidence, joy, and clarity in calling. I desperately wanted to experience such mentorship, community, and growth as I began my ministry at Broadway, but I knew it would be nearly two years before the dream would even be a possible reality.

A week ago, I stood in the third floor Sunday School room at First Baptist Decatur. I looked around the room in the faces of my new friends, and I saw a dream making its way to reality in the eyes and hearts of the 15 other “young” ministers surrounding me.

2014 Top Ten

2014 has been a year of ups and downs not only for me, but for our country and world. I feel like I’ve said far too many goodbyes over the past year, heard too many stories of violence tearing families apart, and watched as political disputes exposed how nasty we can be to one another. But 2014 was also a…

My year with Sookie

On December 28, 2013, I flew from Louisville to Atlanta for the fourth year in a row, trying to get back in time for church the next day. But this particular year was different. This year, I rushed from the airport to MARTA to my car and on to my apartment in the cold rain hoping to make it back…

My first Clergy-Boss: Clergy Appreciation Month

October is National Clergy Appreciation Month. As I’m feeling particularly sentimental this October, I decided to spend the month writing about clergy persons who have influenced my life in some major way. There’s no real rhyme or reason behind the order of these posts (other than I’m saving the best for last), but just the true hope that these wonderful…