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“Who am I?” Without any effort, I can recall the sound of Derek Zoolander’s voice as he looks at his reflection in a puddle and asks himself this question (before being splashed in the face by an oncoming car). Everything he thought he knew (which wasn’t much, really) was stripped from him in a moment when Hansel, who’s “so hot…


When I close my eyes to fall asleep, I am afraid of the world I will meet in my dreams. What – or who – did I push to the back of my mind today that’s destined to meet me in my most vulnerable state? What battles will I have to fight in the land of my dreams? What tears…


Chocolate. Facebook. TV. Telephone. Soft drinks. Fast Food. Every year, Lent conveniently falls just far enough after New Year’s that the practice of fasting often becomes a new way to attain the resolution we previously dropped. We stop eating chocolate or give up soft drinks with the “side benefit” that we will lose weight in the process. But, other than…


From dust you came and to dust you shall return.

Tonight, I will repeat these words over and over as I look into the eyes of church members – people who count on my to reveal the presence of God in their midst. People who look to me for hope and wholeness. People who come week in and week out, seeking the God who creates and sustains.

CBF Fellows: The Beginning

I dreamed of being a member of the CBF Fellows Program from the day the initial cohort formed. As the first ended and the second began, I watched in awe of the way friendships developed and learning led to confidence, joy, and clarity in calling. I desperately wanted to experience such mentorship, community, and growth as I began my ministry at Broadway, but I knew it would be nearly two years before the dream would even be a possible reality.

A week ago, I stood in the third floor Sunday School room at First Baptist Decatur. I looked around the room in the faces of my new friends, and I saw a dream making its way to reality in the eyes and hearts of the 15 other “young” ministers surrounding me.

Mary Kay Part 1: The Dream

Throughout Seminar, I met people of all walks of life – many thriving in their business. I heard stories of Top Directors who didn’t even want to go to their first Mary Kay facial, but ended up leading their unit to $1 million in production! I watched an attorney become one of the top three highest selling consultants, all while staying full time in her career – and thriving.

I saw pieces of myself in those women, and I began to believe that anything would be possible for me too. I closed my eyes and watched as my debt cleared, house repairs brought on little stress, and someone else pulled my weeds.

To make you feel my love

On a rainy day in November, a good friend took me with her to see Straight No Chaser at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. We both sat on the edge of our seats in excitement, hoping they would sing their famous Christmas tune, 12 Days of Christmas Medley. We weren’t sure if they would sing it due to the…

My Lenten Journey: Moving Towards, Not Away

Many people talk about giving things up for Lent. Some give up chocolate, others Facebook. Some of my crazier friends give up sugar or coffee (essentially, they are giving up all their friends for 40 days, because I’m not sure how they will function – or be pleasant). The practice started as a way to join Jesus in the wilderness,…

A New Day

If you know me well, you know that I love the first day of a new month. Maybe it’s a result of my Southern Baptist upbringing, twinged with guilt and the overwhelming need for “redemption,” but something about a fresh start refreshes my mind and renews my soul. I love the first day of a new month, because the day…