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From dust you came and to dust you shall return.

Tonight, I will repeat these words over and over as I look into the eyes of church members – people who count on my to reveal the presence of God in their midst. People who look to me for hope and wholeness. People who come week in and week out, seeking the God who creates and sustains.

To make you feel my love

On a rainy day in November, a good friend took me with her to see Straight No Chaser at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. We both sat on the edge of our seats in excitement, hoping they would sing their famous Christmas tune, 12 Days of Christmas Medley. We weren’t sure if they would sing it due to the…

About my grandma, on her birthday

Martha Jean Martin. Born September 2, 1928 in Louisville, Ky., to Ann and Benjamin Ray Smith. One of five children, Martha grew up during the most economically challenging time in United States history. I don’t know much about her childhood, except that she grew up in downtown Louisville when that was the place to be, and graduated from Manual High…