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CBF Fellows: The Beginning

I dreamed of being a member of the CBF Fellows Program from the day the initial cohort formed. As the first ended and the second began, I watched in awe of the way friendships developed and learning led to confidence, joy, and clarity in calling. I desperately wanted to experience such mentorship, community, and growth as I began my ministry at Broadway, but I knew it would be nearly two years before the dream would even be a possible reality.

A week ago, I stood in the third floor Sunday School room at First Baptist Decatur. I looked around the room in the faces of my new friends, and I saw a dream making its way to reality in the eyes and hearts of the 15 other “young” ministers surrounding me.

My last day at CBF

As I prepare to begin my last day at my current job, I can’t help ruminating over the last four years of meaningful and transformative work I’ve gotten to participate in at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Many of you may not know that I started work at CBF on a contract basis calling churches to remind them to order their…

Saturdays at Stone Mountain: Pam and Michael

I’ve learned that some of the holiest moments in a young minister’s life are when mentors become friends. These moments are hard to mark, because the relationships shift gradually, in the same way that a mother and daughter shift from instructor to counselor to friend – you don’t always notice it happening, but when you do catch a glimpse of…