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Mary Kay Part 1: The Dream

Throughout Seminar, I met people of all walks of life – many thriving in their business. I heard stories of Top Directors who didn’t even want to go to their first Mary Kay facial, but ended up leading their unit to $1 million in production! I watched an attorney become one of the top three highest selling consultants, all while staying full time in her career – and thriving.

I saw pieces of myself in those women, and I began to believe that anything would be possible for me too. I closed my eyes and watched as my debt cleared, house repairs brought on little stress, and someone else pulled my weeds.

2014 Top Ten

2014 has been a year of ups and downs not only for me, but for our country and world. I feel like I’ve said far too many goodbyes over the past year, heard too many stories of violence tearing families apart, and watched as political disputes exposed how nasty we can be to one another. But 2014 was also a…

My last day at CBF

As I prepare to begin my last day at my current job, I can’t help ruminating over the last four years of meaningful and transformative work I’ve gotten to participate in at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Many of you may not know that I started work at CBF on a contract basis calling churches to remind them to order their…